Foundational Courses

The following courses meet the Foundational Course Requirement as listed in the Requirements Chart:

  • Psychology 14 (Cognitive Neuroscience)
  • Psychology 15 (Social Psychology)
  • Psychology 18 (Abnormal Psychology)
  • Science of Living Systems 15 (Developmental Psychology: Origins of Knowledge) if taken in Fall 2011 or later. This course replaces Psychology 16 as a Foundational Course, and students may take only one of these courses toward the concentration.
  • MCB 80 (Neurobiology of Behavior)

All courses must be taken for a letter grade with the exception of Psy 985, 990, 992, or 993, which are graded SAT/UNSAT.

Be aware that Summer School courses do not count toward the Foundational Course requirement except in rare cases - any exceptions to be considered require submission of a petition, with syllabus, to the Undergraduate Office by the spring petition deadline before the course is taken.

Additional Foundational Courses taken in excess of the requirements can count toward the Advanced Course requirement