Board of Honors Tutors

The following non-departmental researchers have agreed to be listed as potential supervisors for research, PSY 910R, thesis projects.  Click each name for the Tutor's research statement and contact them directly if you would be interested in exploring opportunities to work with them.

Asterisked (*) members are eligible to serve as a Supervisor or Reader on a thesis committee. All members are eligible to serve as a Co-Supervisor without a petition.

Member Name
Research Interest & E-mail
Arthur Barsky, M.D./HMS Cognitive behavior therapy and antidepressants for medical outpatients with health-related anxiety. Contact at
* Max Bazerman, Ph.D. Behavioral decision research; negotiation; decision aspects of ethics and morality. Contact at
Courtney Beard, Ph.D. Anxiety disorders, cognitive bias modification, information processing, cognitive behavioral therapy, treatment development and evaluation. Contact at
James Beck, M.D., Ph.D./HMS TBA. Contact at
David Bellinger, Ph.D./HMS TBA. Contact at
Francine Benes, M.D., Ph.D./HMS TBA. Contact at
* Larry Benowitz 
Neuroscience, rewiring of brain connections after injury, axon growth and axon regeneration. Contact at
* Andrew Budson, M.D./HMS Memory, Alzheimer's disease, false memories, memory for music. Contact at
David Caplan, M.D., Ph.D./HMS Language deficits in neurological disease; neurovascular studies of language processing. Contact at
* Shelley Carson, Ph.D. Creativity and its relation to psychopathology, intelligence, resiliency. Contact at
Verne Caviness, M.D./Ph.D. Adult and child neurology; disability and its relation to the nervous system. Contact at
Amy Cuddy, Ph.D. How people judge and influence one another and themselves.
Jared Curhan, Ph.D. TBA. Contact at
* Ellsworth Fersch, J.D., Ph.D./HMS Law and psychology; the insanity defense; stigma. Contact at
Jeanne Fama, Ph.D./HMS OCD, OCD-related anxiety and perfectionism. Contact at
Nadine Gaab, Ph.D. Reading development, language development, and musical training; autism; ADHD; specific language impairment; FMRI and structural imaging. Contact at
Francesca Gino, Ph.D. Judgment and decision-making, negotiation, ethics, motivation, productivity, and creativity. Contact at
Randy Gollub, M.D./Ph.D. Interface between the technological advancement of neuroimaging acquisition and analysis methods and their application to basic and clinical neuroscience. Contact at
* Paul Harris, Ph.D./HGSE Early cognitive development, children's selective trust in particular informants. Contact at
* Gene Heyman, Ph.D. Drug use, choice, behavioral economics, and working memory. Contact at
David Jimerson, M.D. Eating disorders. Contact at
Daniel Kohane, M.D., Ph.D. Drug delivery and biomaterials. Contact at
Jennifer S. Lerner, Ph.D./HKS Emotion, judgment and decision making, accountability, leadership. Contact at
Dara Manoach, Ph.D./HMS Cognitive neuorscience; schizophrenia. Contact at
* William Milberg, Ph.D./HMS Alzheimer's disease, amnesia, aphasia and hemi-spatial neglect in regards to veteran population. Contact at
Julia Minson, Ph.D./HKS Social psycholoy, group judgment and decision-making, negotiations, and social influence. Contact at
* Charles Nelson, Ph.D./HMS Brain and behavioral development in typically developing infants/children and in development comprised by early adverse experiences. Contact at
* Michael Norton, Ph.D. Behavioral economics; judgment and decision-making. Contact at
Alvaro Pascual-Leone, M.D., Ph.D./HMS Cognitive neuroscience with clinical interventions. Contact at
Diego A. Pizzagalli, Ph.D. Behavioral, electrophysiological, and neuroimaging approaches to mood disorders and major depression. Contact at
* Douglas Powell, Ed.D./HMS Cognitive aging and performance anxiety disorders. Contact at
Bruce Rosen, M.D., Ph.D./HMS Biomedical imaging. Contact at
Martha Shenton, Ph.D./HMS Neuroimaging studies in schizophrenia and schizophrenia related disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Contact at
* Robert Stickgold, Ph.D./HMS Interactions between sleep, memory, and dreams. Contact at
Josh Tenenbaum, Ph.D./MIT Computational basis of human learning and inference. Contact at
Robert Waldinger, M.D./HMS Adult development; emotion regulation and intimacy. Contact at
Jeremy Wolfe, Ph.D./HMS Vision and visual attention; cognitive psychology. Contact at