Dropping Your Thesis

There are any number of reasons why you may consider dropping your thesis at some point in the process.

When this happens, you are encouraged to talk to the tutorial instructor, your research supervisors, your Concentration Advisor, your Resident Dean, and/or other advising personnel in the UGO or elsewhere. These discussions may yield ideas that you would not have thought of that will help you continue with your thesis, or they may help you realize that the thesis path is no longer right for you.

If you decide to drop...

You may drop your thesis at just about any time. To do so without repercussion, there are certain steps you must take, depending on the timing of when you drop:

  • Whenever you drop, you need to immediately inform your committee and the UGO. And you should talk to your concentration adviser about how this might change your concentration requirements.

  • If you decide while you are enrolled in the junior or senior tutorial, you can withdraw (if possible) or remain in the class. If you remain, you will still have to meet certain requirements to get credit, but these requirements will shift - talk to your Tutorial instructor!
  • If you decide in the first semester of Senior Tutorial, you will also need to petition the Registrar to divide the course so you are not enrolled in the spring term.