2021-May Thesis Deadlines

Mar. 13, 2020

Primary consideration deadline for thesis application due to UGO by 4PM.*

Apr. 29, 2020 Thesis prospectus draft due.
Sep. 18, 2020 Thesis prospectus due to UGO and commitee by 4PM.
Oct. 2, 2020

Thesis prospectus meeting must be completed; Prospectus Evaluation Form due to UGO by 4PM.

Dec. 2, 2020

Mid-Year Reports due to UGO by 4PM.

Mar. 11, 2021

Theses due by 4PM (electronically).

Apr. 12 - 16, 2021 Thesis Defense / Poster Presentation Period.
Apr. 12, 2021

Thesis Poster Session / Honors Thesis Reception.

Apr. 16, 2021 Thesis Defense Grade Sheet due to UGO by 4PM.
Apr. 29, 2021

Hard copy of theses due by 4PM.

*Extensions will be granted on a case-by-case basis.