Following Through

Once you have held your prospectus meeting and received approval from your committee, it's time to put your plan into action!  (Note: Many people actually get started before the prospectus meeting. This is fine; make progress whenever you can! But sometimes plans can shift during the prospectus meeting, so do try to hold the meeting as early in the process as possible.) 

This is your time to shine and make the project your own! Every project is different, and your goal is to think through the ins and outs of your project and put all your plans into action. You should be doing this in close contact with your supervisor(s) and reaching out to external resources as needed. But you should not assume that anyone else is independently monitoring or checking in on your project. In other words, you should never be waiting for anyone else to make the first move!

While every project is different in the particular requirements and therefore will defer in the required tasks and timeline, there are departmental requirements for all theses (included on Checklist and Calendar), and there are certain commonalities across most or all theses. We'll give you details about the requirements, and provide some information and resources about some of the most common needs and issues...

Departmental Requirements

These are the requirements after you have submitted your final prospectus and approved Prospectus Evaluation Form to the UGO, also listed on the checklist. See corresponding calendar for deadlines.