Mid-Year Progress Report

The Mid-Year Progress Report will be due at the end of the fall semester (usaully the last day of classes). This will include a hard copy of a completed Mid-Year Progress Report Form, with the required attachments: a 1-2 page description of your fall thesis work; and a timeline for completion of your thesis research, data analysis, and writing before the thesis submission deadline (usually the Thursday before spring break).

Please note that the Form requires a signature and grade recommendation from your supervisor(s). They should not sign without having reviewed all the attached materials. Please provide them with all materials well in advance of the deadline so they have time to review, provide feedback if necessary, and evaluate. Be aware that it can be difficult to coordinate with faculty to obtain signatures at the end of the semester, so make arrangements in advance (if you forsee any issues with obtaining a signature from a supervisor who is out of town, please contact the UGO at least a week before the Mid-Year Progress Report is due).

You are not required to share this report with or obtain a signature from your reader. However, some students do opt to send reader's a copy of their Mid-Year Progress Reports as a way of checking in.