Poster Presentation and Defense

Poster Presentation

You will prepare a poster summarizing your thesis project to present at the Thesis Poster Session (usually in early April - check calendar for exact dates). The department will provide you with a stipend to use toward the cost of printing the poster. You will receive instructions about applying for this stipend in Tutorial.

Participation at the poster session is mandatory. An unexcused absence from the poster session will lower the thesis grade by one step, and you will still be expected to present your poster to your committee in order to receive honors. If you have a conflicting engagement, please make the necessary arrangements well in advance to ensure that you can attend the poster session (If needed, the UGO or tutorial instructor can provide a document to explain your absence from another obligation).

Prior to the poster session, you will receive specific instructions about where and when to set up your poster. On the day of the session, the department will provide a stand you can use to present your poser. The poster session will be scheduled for 2 hours. Your poster will be up for the full session, but you will be assigned one hour during which you will stand by your poster and be available to present and discuss your work. During the other hour, you will be able to visit the other posters.

Typically, your defense will be held at your poster, during the poster session. 

Thesis Defense

All thesis students must hold a defense. Like the prospectus meeting, all committee members must be present for one, simultaneous meeting. This meeting should be held during the week of the poster session (usually during the poster session). Contact your committee well in advance to schedule your defense!

The defense usually includes a presentation by the thesis writer and a question-and-answer period. If taking place during the poster session, you would use your poster as a visual aid in your presentation. If taking place at another time, you could bring your poster, or you might prepare a slideshow. You should check in with your supervisors about their preferences.

After your defense, your committee will discuss your thesis grade and complete the grade sheet. If they reach a unanimous decision, you will find out your grade that day. If they disagree, there will be a delay while an independent evaluation is made.