Junior Tutorial (PSY 985)

Psychology 985 is strongly recommended for all students considering a thesis in junior spring. It is designed to guide and prepare you for the thesis process.

There are two benefits to enrolling in PSY 985:

  1. You receive credit for the work that you do on your thesis in your junior year.
  2. If you enroll in the spring, there are group meetings that cover deadlines, requirements, and other elements of the thesis process. If you do not enroll, we still recommend that you attend the meetings if possible.
    (If you enroll in the fall, you must be more proactive and independent in setting individual meetings and obtaining this information.)


In order to enroll in PSY 985...

  1. You must submit an application form to the UGO by the Study Card Deadline to enroll in the course. The form must be signed by an agreed Supervisor and must specify a proposed topic.
  2. Request permission to enroll in the course via https://my.harvard.edu/.

The UGO staff - not your Supervisor - will be able to grant you permission to enroll once your enrollment form is approved.


985 is graded SAT/UNSAT. You must make progress on your thesis. In the spring, you are also expected to attend group meetings and complete any associated assignments (but these are generally minimal and geared toward helping you progress in your thesis). In the fall, you must coordinate with the UGO to schedule individual meetings as appropriate.

In the fall or spring, there will be a final assignment (usually a completed draft of your thesis prospectus, or a different research paper for students who have decided not to continue with the thesis).

985 Grade Recommendation Form

You are responsible for printing out the 985 Grade Recommendation Form, attaching it to your final assignment, obtaining your supervisor's grade recommendation and signature, and submitting to the UGO or tutorial instructor before the deadline. (Arrange to share your final assignment with your supervisor in advance with enough time for them to provide comments, as the final assignment will be part of their final grade recommendation.) 

Satisfying Graduation Requirements

985 can count for one Advanced Course in the concentration. It does not meet the lab course requirement but does count against the lab limits for concentration requirements.