Thesis Document

Your final thesis will be submitted electronically to the UGO. It is usually due the week before spring break. (You will later turn in a hard copy, but don't worry about that just yet.) Please review the departmental requirements for the thesis and the procedure for the electronic submission well before your thesis is due so you are not surprised. Some things can take longer than you expect, and you don't want to be stuck figuring out why your page numbers are messed up the day the thesis is due!

Some Thesis Document FAQs

How long should it be? Most theses are 40-100 pages long (not including appendices), but there is no official minimum or maximum length. A thesis is “too short” if it doesn’t cover everything it should, and it is “too long” if it includes a lot of unnecessary, distracting information. The ideal length varies depending on the complexity of the topic, the number and complexity of the studies, etc. You can get a sense of what is appropriate if you start with an outline that you review with your Supervisor(s) and get feedback on your early drafts.

Should I follow APA guidelines? While there are certain rules about formatting and what to include in the front and back matter, there are no departmental rules about the style and organization of the thesis itself. Most theses do follow APA Style as described in the most current edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, but you should probably ask your Supervisor(s) if they have opinions or preferences.

What exactly should I include? Again, there are no specific departmental rules about this. Generally, you should include only the information that fits into your overall narrative, and omit information that distracts from it. You should work with your Supervisor(s) on what to include. (It can help to start with an outline to get an idea of the logical flow.)

So, what are the departmental rules for formatting? For more, see our formatting page.