Hard Copy Formatting and Submission

The hard copy is not due until after the poster session & defense, so don't worry about it until then! But when it comes time to print, here are some formatting rules to keep in mind...


Most of the requirements are the same as the electronic version, but please make the following changes and adhere to the following instructions for the hard copy that you submit to the undergraduate office:

  • Margins...
    • Adjust the left-hand margin to 1.5 inches. This is to accommodate binding on the left side, so make sure that the margin is adjusted on the appropriate side on all pages, including any that are rotated to landscape view (e.g., to accommodate tables or figures)
    • All other sides should have 1-inch margins
  • Paper...
    • Letter-sized (8.5 x 11 inch).
    • Acid-free bond paper of at least 20 lb. weight.
  • Printing...
    • Letter-quality “original.”
    • Print on one side only (do NOT print double-sided).
    • Submit UNBOUND!
  • Other changes between your electronic submission and your hard copy...
    • You may fix minor errors, typos...
    • You may fix the formatting on any figures or tables that are messed up by the margin
    • You are NOT permitted to make any other changes to format or content.


Deliver your hard copy to the UGO by the expected deadline (see the calendar for exact deadline). Someone in the office will double-check to make sure that it adheres to the guidelines (so it's best to come during office hours - preferably a bit early).