Prospectus Meeting

Scheduling and Preparing

Once your Thesis Application has been approved and you have completed your prospectus, you will hold a prospectus meeting. In this meeting, your full (supervisor(s) & reader) will meet to discuss, evaluate, and possibly revise your plan as laid out in your prospectus. You are responsible for scheduling this meeting (including ensuring there is a room available that is equipped with any necessary audiovisual equipment), and we recommend you do so well in advance.

You must meet with your full committee simultaneously. You cannot substitute this meeting with separate meetings with separate committee members. If it's not possible to get all committee members in one place at the same time, you may contact the UGO to request permission for one or more members to participate via tele- or web-conference. You should consult with your supervisor(s) about how to prepare for this meeting. Most students prepare a presentation, summarizing the plan laid out in the prospectus.

You will need to print out a Prospectus Evaluation Form to bring to the meeting.

Decision & Evaluation

You and your committee will reach an agreement about how to proceed. Your committee will also evaluate whether your prospectus is acceptable as is, if it requires modification, or if it is unacceptable. If modification is necessary, they may add stipulations to the prospectus, or they may request a second meeting after you change / revise your prospectus. They must agree on a decision; you may be asked to leave the room while they deliberate. They must record their decision on the Evaluation Form.

You should take detailed notes during your meeting, so you have a record of the ideas and decisions that are made.

After the Meeting

Immediately submit the completed Evaluation Form to the UGO. If your supervisor prefers to deliver it directly, you may want to verify with the UGO that it was actually received.

Follow up on any stipulations or required revisions in a timely fashion. If your Evaluation Form indicates that any further action is required (anything other than "approved without reservation"), please follow up with the UGO when the stated conditions have been met. If you revise your prospectus, submit the revised document to your committee and the UGO.

We recommend that you type up your notes from the meeting and send a summary of what was agreed at the meeting to your committee. This will provide a double-check that you understand what your committee expects from you and an opportunity for them to respond with clarifications as necessary. This email will also be a record that you can refer to if there is ever any uncertainty about what exactly was agreed.