Submission and Feedback


You will not submit the thesis to your committee directly. Instead, you will submit it to the department electronically (probably through the tutorial course website; follow the instructions given by your tutorial instructor). The department will distribute your thesis to your committee, along with instructions for providing feedback.

If you submit your thesis early, someone in the UGO may be able double-check your document for formatting errors and provide feedback in time for you to make any necessary corrections before the deadline.

Please be aware, the department observes the thesis deadline strictly. The only basis for exceptions are serious, documented situations, and in most cases the department should be notified of such a situation ahead of the deadline. Grades of late theses will be reduced one-third of a grade each three days after the deadline (for example, from summa to magna plus or from magna to magna minus.)


Your committee members will submit comments on your thesis to the department, and you will receive them shortly thereafter. You should read the comments carefully and consider your response. The issues raised will likely come up during your defense, and you may choose to address them directly yourself in your presentation.

You will not receive a grade on your written thesis alone.