Declaring Psychology as a Concentration

If you have decided to declare a concentration in Psychology, welcome! Please follow the steps below to begin the declaration process. 

  1. Contact the Psychology Concentration Advisor  assigned to your house to express your interest in Psychology, and set up a time to meet.
  2. Complete a New Concentrator Form and Plan of Study Worksheet. Email these to your Concentration Advisor. Don’t worry if you can't complete all the fields on your own; you can discuss any questions that you have with your Advisor before you finalize these documents.
  3. Meet with your Concentration Advisor to discuss the concentration and have your Advisor review and approve your documents.
  4. Complete the Declaration of Concentration process in (for more detailed directions, see the Declaration of Concentration Instructions in the my.harvard Knowledge Center). Be sure to choose the correct track within Psychology.
  5. E-mail if you would like to complete the CNEP track so that we are able to update your track information in our departmental advising records. 

Welcome to the concentration!