Welcome! We're so excited that you're considering Psychology as a concentration or secondary field, and we look forward to working with you to help you decide whether it would fit well with your academic and career interests. 

Please see below for... 

Resources for Freshmen and Sophomore Pre-Concentrators

Any student, including freshmen and non-concentrators, is welcome to visit the Undergraduate Office for drop-in office hours.

    Psychology Drop-In Advising Hours 

    Tuesdays & Thursdays
    2 - 4 PM Eastern Standard Time
    (Over Zoom)

    Please e-mail for info on connecting to our Zoom Room!

    Visit this link to set up your Zoom account through Harvard.

    Office hours will run during the academic semester. Students seeking information over the summer should contact the office at

    When considering the concentration, you should be sure to examine the requirements chart, as well as the courses section of our website, which contains more details on the specific courses needed for the concentration and secondary field.

    Ready to join the concentration? Talk with the Concentration Advisor assigned to your house for more info, and see our steps for declaring Psychology as your conncentration.

    Upperclass Students Transferring from Other Concentrations

    If you are interested in transferring into Psychology from another concentration, you are in the right place! 

    When considering a switch, please be sure to explore... 

    • The course requirements for the concentration.
    • Advising - after looking through the website, you should speak with the Concentration Advisor in your house. You may meet with an Advisor either to explore the concentration or to complete a the steps to make the concentration change official. These conversations usually last between twenty and forty minutes, and it is best to try not to schedule these too close to the Course Registration Deadline.
    • How to change your concentration - see our steps for filling out Psychology's required paperwork and changing your concentration on my.harvard.

    Students Transferring from Other Domestic Schools & International Students

    If you are already in college in the USA and interested in applying to transfer to Harvard while still an undergraduate, you should consult the website of the Harvard College Admissions Office, particularly its section on transfer admissions. If you have successfully enrolled at Harvard College, please get in contact with the Concentration Advisor for your house, or contact the Undergraduate Office at to discuss your options for joining the concentration. 

    If you are an international student interested in enrolling at Harvard as a freshman, please consult the website of the Harvard College Admissions Office, particularly the section on international applicants