Summer Opportunities

Below, we've compiled several of the opportunities Harvard has to offer for undergrads over the summer. Please be aware that there is limited funding to help pay for summer housing at Harvard - so get your applications in soon!

Departmental Research Opportunities - Summer 2020

  • Harvard Music Lab Summer Internship Deadline is February 20, 2020, 11:59PM: The Music Lab is investigating the impact of music on infant affect and behavior, universals and cross-cultural variation in music perception and music production, people's use of music in daily life, and long-term effects of the use of music in the home on parent and infant health. Interns work 35 hours a week with a possible stipend.
  • Harvard Moral Psychology Research Lab Summer Internship Deadline is February 21, 2020, 11:59PM: MPRL is now accepting applications from current undergraduates for a summer research intern to work with the lab from June 15 - August 14, 2020. Interns will spend approximately 35 hours per week working closely with graduate students and the Principal Investigator Fiery Cushman. The lab conducts research in social cognition with an emphasis on moral judgment and behavior. Interns will receive a stipend of about $2,500 for the summer.


Harvard-Wide Research Opportunities - Summer 2020

Many of these deadlines have already passed for Summer 2020, but you can still contact URAF for any open opportunities! Or, we invite you to examine... 

Non-Harvard Research Opportunities - Summer 2020

These include paid grant and fellowship opportunities! Listed in order of application due date.

  • Summer 2020 Internship at Yale University's Canine Cognition Center - Application due February 29, 2020: Students will gain experience investigating the origins of human social cognition from two different but related perspectives: developmental studies testing human children’s social understanding and comparative studies examining social cognition in domesticated dogs.
  • Columbia Business School's 2020 Summer Research Internship – Application due March 1, 2020: This on-campus internship introduces students to the world of business research by giving them an active role on a research project in: accounting economics, finance, marketing, management, decision sciences, operations, or data analytics.
  • Summer Research Internships at Yale University School of Management (Paid) – Application due March 1, 2020: Research assistants will collaborate with faculty and graduate students on day-to-day research including programming surveys on Qualtrics, data collection in the lab, field, and online environments, analyzing and summarizing data, revising/editing manuscripts, assisting with literature reviews, IRB proposals, and presentations, and attending research meetings, seminars, and statistical methods workshops (in R).
  • Counselors and Lead Counselors for CCHMC's Summer Treatment Program – Applications due March 1, 2020: Counselors will receive extensive clinical training and approximately 250 hours of face-to-face clinical experience working with children with ADHD and related behavioral, social, and academic difficulties by implementing behavior modification procedures during sports, social skills training, art, and academic activities. Counselors will provide feedback and record behavioral data for children in their groups.
  • Team Advisor and Assistant Team Advisor at National Student Leadership Conference (Stipend) – Applications due March 15, 2020: Team Advisors guide students through their NSLC experience. Each TA is responsible for a small group of 12-16 students and generally work either half or whole summers. They lead small group discussions and debriefings; teach academic and leadership sessions; assist Administrative staff, Professors and Leadership Facilitators with program components, and serve as a Resident Advisor and chaperone.
  • Research Assistant for the Peace and Conflict Neuroscience Lab at the University of Pennsylvania (Paid) – Applications due March 16, 2020: RAs will work closely with Dr. Bruneau and the postdoctoral researchers, Drs. Samantha Moore-Berg and Boaz Hameiri, on projects aimed at identifying the psychological drivers of real-world social conflict, injustice and inequality, and/or affecting change in intergroup contexts. Daily responsibilities include assisting with data collection, data coding, data analysis, programming surveys on Qualtrics, developing IRB proposals, writing preregistrations, and conducting literature reviews.
  • Summer Research Intern in Head Injuries at the Framingham Heart Study: Interns will review charts and medical records for evidence of traumatic brain injuries, working with medical terminology and public health methodology in a professional setting.
  • Internships at Camp Akeela for Summer 2020: Staff will have the opportunity to work first-hand with children on the autism spectrum and see the practical applications of their studies, while providing an incredible camp experience.
  • Summer Internship at Arista Counseling & Psychotherapy: Training and supervision by a licensed psychologist to work as an intake counselor dealing with a diverse patient population. Issues include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD, ADHD, abuse, learning challenges, marriage and family stress.
  • Summer Research Assistant at the Princeton Baby Lab: Tasks will include managing the lab phones and email for participant recruitment and scheduling, data collection and entry, and interacting with the infant and families. Research assistants will be paired with a research mentor to develop research questions and contribute to ongoing research projects within the lab.
  • Psychology Trainees for Judge Baker Children Center at "Camp Baker": Based on the Summer Treatment Program (STP), Camp Baker counselors will provide positive reinforcement, teach social skills, and facilitate problem-solving discussions with campers. All counselors are responsible for recording and entering behavioral data, developing individualized treatment goals and monitoring progress towards goals. Four different positions are available, each with stipends of various amounts.

Funding Opportunities - Summer 2020

** These are listed in order of application due date, but we have also starred the funds most commonly used by our concentrators for your convenience.

  • ** HCRP - Harvard College Research Program (Second tab in table) Deadline is March 25, 2020, 12 PM (for summer): HCRP provides some funding for independent summer research. Usually pays stipend rather than research costs. Thesis students staying over the summer are strongly encouraged to apply. (HCRP also offers aid throughout the academic year - the application deadline for Spring 2020 is February 4, 2020 at 12 PM.)
  • ** Faculty Aide Program – The program provides opportunities for undergraduates to become closely involved in the ongoing research of a Harvard faculty member. Students often become Faculty Aides by contacting professors or responding to research assistant job listings in the Student Employment Office Jobs Database. You can also ask a faculty member if they might consider applying to the Faculty Aide Program to support you this summer. This program is not appropriate for thesis or other independent research, however, and faculty - rather than students - apply for the funding.

Harvard Summer School - Summer 2020

The Harvard Summer School catalog for Summer 2020 is not yet live. Check back mid-spring semester of 2020!

You can always take courses at the Summer School, but please be aware that only certain courses count for concentration or secondary field credit. See this page to find out more! For now, you can check out the list of Summer 2019 courses that we counted for psychology credit... 

Summer 2019 Courses that Counted for Introductory Course Credit ONLY...

  • PSY S-1, Introduction to Psychology (Elizabeth Phelps)

Summer 2019 Courses that Counter for Advanced Course Credit ONLY...

  • Mind, Brain, and Behavior S-101, Study Abroad in Trento, Italy: Windows into the Structure of the Mind and Brain (Alfonso Caramazza and John Assad)
  • MBB S-105, Study Abroad in Trento, Italy: The Cognitive Neuroscience of Film (Jeffrey Zacks)
  • PSY S-930V, Summer Seminar: The Insanity Defense (Ellsworth Lapham Fersch)
  • PSY S-1072, The Psychology of Emotional, Behavioral, and Motivational Self-Regulation (Richard McNally)
  • PSY S-1240, Abnormal Psychology (Shelley Carson) - This can count ONLY as an Advanced Course, not as a Foundational Course, and will not count for concentration credit if you have already taken PSY 18.
  • PSY S-1503, The Psychology of Close Relationships (Holly Parker) - Cannot be taken if you have already taken PSY 1503 at Harvard College.
  • PSY S-1870, Law and Psychology (Ellsworth Lapham Fersch)

In accordance with Harvard College policy, Summer School courses taken online are not eligible for concentration credit. If you are considering taking a course with an "online option", be sure to read these guidelines first.

If you're interested in taking any other Summer School courses, check out their catalog here!