Summer Opportunities

Below, we've compiled several of the opportunities Harvard has to offer for undergrads over the summer. Please be aware that there is limited funding to help pay for summer housing at Harvard - so get your applications in soon!

Departmental Research Opportunities - Summer 2019

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Non-Departmental Research Opportunities - Summer 2019

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Funding Opportunities - Summer 2019

** These are listed in order of application due date, but we have also starred the funds most commonly used by our concentrators for your convenience.

  • SURGH - Summer Undergraduate Research in Global Health Program (First tab in table) Deadline is February 3, 2019, 11:59 PM: SURGH offers Harvard undergraduates the opportunity to research critical issues in global health under the direction of a Harvard faculty or affiliate mentor. The program includes housing and a stipend.
  • I-SURGH - International Summer Undergraduate Research in Global Health Program (Second tab in table) – Deadline is February 3, 2019, 11:59 PM: SURGH
  • DGHI - Domestic & Global Health Internships (Third tab in table)  Deadline is February 3, 2019, 11:59 PM: DGHI offers Harvard undergraduates the opportunity to work with nonprofits, NGOs, and other organizations on the cutting edge of global health and health policy. Some internships are field-based, while others are office-based. Sites can also be domestic or international.
  • Funding through the Office of Career Services Deadline is February 7, 2019, 5 PM for Independent Internships and Volunteer Opportunities (including the Weissman Internship Program) and Non-Harvard International Programs (though you may only submit one of these two grant applications). These are funds for students who have made their own research or volunteer experience arrangements for the summer in an international setting.
  • Herchel Smith Award (Third tab in table) Deadline is February 7, 2019, 5 PM: Supports undergraduates who are conducting a promising summer research project in mathematics, engineering, life, physical/natural or computer sciences. The project can be based anywhere in the world (including US), but must be affiliated with a university, lab or research enterprise and be highly substantive: at least 10-weeks in duration, full-time in commitment, and exhibiting some degree of autonomy and input by the applicant in its design and execution.
  • ** BLISS - Behavioral Laboratory in the Social Sciences (Third tab on table) Deadline is February 12, 2018, 5 PM: This is a 10-week program that provides room, partial board, and a small stipend to work in a social science laboratory on an established project. This program is NOT meant for independent projects or thesis research. It IS a great way for students to try out working in a lab for the first time or to try out a new lab topic. Several labs are from the psychology department or work on related topics in other schools or departments.
  • ** PRISE - Program for Research in Science and Engineering (Sixth tab in table) Deadline is February 12, 2018, 5 PM: Provides Harvard College students conducting research in the sciences (including neuroscience) and engineering with housing, possible stipend, and earnings requirement. Do not need to have summer plans finalized by mid-Feb but must be in the process of finding a lab position.
  • MMUF - Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program (Fourth tab in table)  Deadline is February 13, 2018, 12 PM: MMUF selects ten students in their sophomore year to join a tightly-knit research community during junior and senior years to conduct independent research in close collaboration with a faculty mentor.  Fellows also attend monthly seminar meetings with this cohort to discuss the graduate school application process and the ongoing struggles inherent with research.
  • ** HCRP - Harvard College Research Program (Second tab in table) Deadline is March 26, 2019, 12 PM (for summer): HCRP provides some funding for independent summer research. Usually pays stipend rather than research costs. Thesis students staying over the summer are strongly encouraged to apply. (HCRP also offers aid throughout the academic year - the application deadline for Spring 2019 is Tuesday, February 5, 2019 at 12 PM.)
  • ** Faculty Aide Program – The program provides opportunities for undergraduates to become closely involved in the ongoing research of a Harvard faculty member. Students often become Faculty Aides by contacting professors or responding to research assistant job listings in the Student Employment Office Jobs Database. You can also ask a faculty member if they might consider applying to the Faculty Aide Program to support you this summer. This program is not appropriate for thesis or other independent research, however, and faculty - rather than students - apply for the funding.


Housing at Harvard - Summer 2019

  • Harvard Summer School Proctor ProgramApplication due by February 4, 2019: Each year Harvard Summer School hires approximately 100 Harvard University students as proctors who live in the Summer School residences. Proctors may apply for either the Secondary School Program (SSP), most of whose students live in the Yard, or the regular program, whose college-age and older students live in the Houses.
  • Other Summer Jobs for Harvard Students – Dates and deadlines vary.
  • DeWolfe Street Housing - Information has not yet been updated for Summer 2019, but if this opportunity interests you, contact Housing and Residential Life to learn more!

Harvard Summer School - Summer 2018

You can always take courses at the Summer School, but please be aware that only certain courses count for concentration or secondary field credit. See this page to find out more!

For Introductory Course Credit, ONLY...

  • PSY S-1, Introduction to Psychology (Adam Wenzel)

For Advanced Course Credit, ONLY...

  • Mind, Brain, and Behavior S-93, Study Abroad in Trento, Italy: Neuroeconomics (Giorgio Coricelli)
  • Mind, Brain, and Behavior S-101, Study Abroad in Trento, Italy: Windows into the Structure of the Mind and Brain (Alfonso Caramazza and John Assad)
  • PSY S-930V, Summer Seminar: The Insanity Defense (Ellsworth Lapham Fersch)
  • PSY S-1072, The Psychology of Emotional, Behavioral, and Motivational Self-Regulation (Richard McNally)
  • PSY S-1240, Abnormal Psychology (Shelley Carson) - this can count ONLY as an Advanced Course, not as a Foundational Course, and will not count for concentration credit if you have already taken PSY 18.
  • PSY S-1870, Law and Psychology (Ellsworth Lapham Fersch)
  • PSY S-1601, Children of the Twenty-First Century: Emerging Perspectives for Developmental Science (Samudragupta Bora)

If you're interested in taking any other Summer School courses, check out their catalog here!