Undergraduate Office Staff

Katherine Powers, Ph.D., Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies

Katie works closely with the Director of Undergraduate Studies on decisions regarding the Psychology undergraduate program and curriculum.  Katie evaluates undergraduate policies, programs, and courses, and assists in integrating local and college-wide initiatives and changes.  Katie is responsible for faculty orientation and can provide information about department policies and procedures and advice on course development and pedagogy.  She also oversees Lecturers, Harvard College Fellows, Preceptors, and tutorial instructors.  Katie can provide advising to all undergraduate students, but has primary responsibility for advising about study abroad, the MBB track in Psychology, writing a senior thesis, and interdisciplinary studies that include psychology coursework or research.  Katie is available by appointment.

Contact Katie at kpowers@fas.harvard.edu.

Undergraduate Program Coordinator

This position is currently vacant and will be filled soon.

The Undergraduate Program Coordinator works closely with the Director of Undergraduate Studies on all matters concerning the concentration advising program. They are a resource for information on the university curricular structure, the Psychology concentration, and secondary fields. They hold primary responsibility for advising about requirements, tracks, research opportunities, and progress toward graduation for concentrators and secondary field students.  In addition, they oversee the Undergraduate Planning Committee and faculty dinner program.

Jay Fondin, Staff Assistant

Jay supports the general operations of the Department‘s undergraduate program, providing students, staff, faculty, and the public with information about the concentration. He helps maintain the Psychology Undergraduate Website, collects student petitions and applications, and coordinates Tutorial grade collection and reporting. E-mail Jay with any questions about the Undergraduate Office!

Contact Jay at jmfondin@fas.harvard.edu.