Concentration Tracks

The concentration in Psychology offers students three tracks to choose from:

  1. The General Track affords the greatest flexibility, and is chosen by about 70% of concentrators.
  2. The Cognitive Science Track (a Mind/Brain/Behavior track) includes coursework from other MBB fields in addition to Psychology coursework that informs an understanding of the mind. Such fields include linguistics, philosophy, human evolutionary biology, history of science, and computer science. This track requires an application for admission and a thesis. About 5% of concentrators select this track.
  3. The Cognitive Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology, or CNEP Track (a track within the Life Sciences cluster of concentrations) combines coursework from both Psychology and several fields within the Life Sciences. About 25% of concentrators select this track.

As of the Class of 2010 and later, Psychology is no longer accepting applications for joint concentrations. Students with an interest in more than one field should consider pursuing a concentration in one are and a secondary field in another. Our faculty are happy to consult on theses for students in other concentrations, allowing students to complete a theses on an interdisciplinary topic in one concentration, and use coursework and mentors from the secondary field to inform their thesis research.

Psychology also offers a secondary field.