Thesis Option

  • Students in this option are eligible for a recommendation of up to Highest Honors
  • College GPA must be 3.5 or higher at the time of application
  • Requires Thesis application by spring of Junior year
  • See Thesis pages for more details and instructions

Non-Thesis Option

  • Students in this option are eligible for a recommendation of Honors only
  • Final concentration GPA must be 3.85 or higher. Concentration GPA is calculated from a student's best twelve half-courses that meet the requirements, including final semester grades:
    • The courses that meet the requirements include the Introductory Course requirement (formerly Tier 1), Foundational Courses (formerly Tier 2) (as required), Basic and Research Methods, Sophomore Tutorial, the required number of Advanced Courses (formerly called electives), and any additional track-specific courses. See the requirements chart for details of each track.
    • If a student has extra courses that meet the requirements, for example if a student has taken 7 Advanced Courses and only 6 are required, the best 6 grades for Advanced Courses will be counted.
  • No application or notification to the department is required.
  • Students who meet the above requirements at the end of their final semester will receive an Honors recommendation. Students who are recommended for Honors will receive an award letter from the Department prior to graduation.
  • Petitions will not be accepted to substitute in courses in order to meet the requirements.