Peer Advising

The Undergraduate Planning Committee (UPC)

The Undergraduate Planning Committee (UPC) consists of junior and senior concentrators who play a vital role in assisting the Undergraduate Office with planning and hosting events. The Undergraduate Office periodically hosts UPC brainstorming sessions to generate ideas for events and other ways to engage concentrators.

You'll likely spot members of the UPC at the Psychology table during advising fairs, at Psychology events during Visitas, and at our New Concentrator Welcome party! They're always excited to share their experiences with new & potential concentrators.

Below are some of the current members of the UPC. Feel free to reach out to them with any questions about their experience in the concentration!

2020-2021 Undergraduate Planning Committee Members

Stephanie Alderete | Winthrop House, Class of 2022
I currently work in Prof. Susan Carey's Laboratory for Developmental Studies, which focuses on the development of concepts in children! I also plan on doing a thesis there.

Danny Blumenthal | Dunster House, Class of 2021
I enjoy studying social psychology with the Gilbert Lab and learning about how people perceive members of opposing political groups.

Ryan Chappell | Eliot House, Class of 2021
I’m currently writing my thesis on the relationship between gender dysphoria and disordered eating behaviors in transgender individuals as part of the Nock Lab. More broadly I’m interested in a variety of cognitive & behavioral phenomena in gender minority populations, some of which I hope to pursue alongside a Ph.D. in clinical psychology!

Peyton Elias | Mather House, Class of 2022
My favorite courses in the Department currently are PSY 18 (Abnormal Psychology) with Prof. Joshua Buckholtz and PSY 1005 (Health Psychology) with Prof. Ellen Langer!

Julia Friedman | Mather House, Class of 2021
I’m currently writing my senior thesis in the Norton Lab at HBS on the effects of decision difficulty among products on consumer memory.

Lily Winston Grob | Lowell House, Class of 2022
While I honestly have no clue what path I want to pursue long-term, through my current studies on the biopsychosocial effects of stigma in the BEST Lab, I have found a passion for research at the intersection of clinical psych, social psych, and public health!

James Gusmer | Dunster House, Class of 2021
I've enjoyed working in Dr. Nicole Noll's Embodied Social Cognition Lab, and I'm interested in anything related to sports, sensation and perception, and social psychology as a whole!

Ece Hakim | Currier House, Class of 2021
I've been conducting research on language and gender bias at the Banaji Implicit and Social Cognition Lab since the beginning of my sophomore year, and thanks to this, I had the chance to present my findings at the SPSP 2020 Convention in New Orleans - an international event for more than 3,800 social psychologists!

Reeda Iqbal | Quincy House, Class of 2021
I am really interested in learning more about neurodevelopmental disorders, such as ASD. I'm currently a student researcher in the Faja Lab at Boston Children's Hospital, where I conduct research on emotion regulation and executive functioning in children with ASD.

Charlotte Johnstone | Winthrop House, Class of 2022
I am most interested in clinical psychology, and am currently doing research related to narcissism in the Hooley Lab!

Audrey Jones | Quincy House, Class of 2022
The Psychology Department provides students with lots of opportunities for valuable, hands-on research experience. Personally, I loved working at the Laboratory for Developmental Studies - Prof. Carey and her entire team are amazingly kind and thoughtful mentors!

Roula Kouvatas | Cabot House, Class of 2021
The CNEP Track has allowed me to combine my interest in psychology and my pursual of a career in medicine. It's a great way to explore coursework in psychology while fulfilling pre-med requirements - some of my favorite classes have been PSY 18 (Abnormal Psychology) with Prof. Buckholtz, and PSY 1355 (The Adolescent Brain) with Prof. Somerville!

Chris McGrory | Kirkland House, Class of 2021
One of my favorite courses has been PSY 1519 (Psychology of Competition and Peak Performance) with Dr. Emily Hangen, which I loved for its application to my own sport (baseball). I also loved PSY 1005 (Health Psychology) with Dr. Ellen Langer for its real world lessons! 

Yuri-Grace Ohashi | Cabot House, Class of 2021
My positive experience working in the Nock Lab - first as a research assistant, and now as a senior thesis student exploring body image, identity, and disordered eating among dancers - has ultimately inspired me to pursue a clinical psychology Ph.D.!

Michael Pankowski | Leverett House, Class of 2022
In my free time I used to study social psychology for fun, and now I get to study it for a degree from Harvard - I'm a lucky guy!

Moshe Poliak | Adams House, Class of 2022
I work in the Banaji and Snedeker Labs and am figuring out my interests as they relate to the intersection of psycholinguistics, cognition, and computation. I'm aspiring to attend graduate school in psycholinguistics.

Skylar Smith | Cabot House, Class of 2022
I am currently a research assistant in the Nock Lab studying topics related to suicide in understudied populations, which has cultivated my passion for psychology research, statistics, and pursuing a senior thesis - and eventually, a Ph.D. in clinical psychology!

Tess Sussman | Pforzheimer House, Class of 2022
I am really interested in the connection of psychology and sociology in observing how our society and actions within it are motivated and affected, and potentially want to use this combination of knowledge to make a difference through public policy in a future career!

Imani Weeks | Quincy House, Class of 2021
By far, my favorite class has been PSY 980T (Eating Disorders) with Dr. Rebecca Shingleton. It allowed me to delve further into the research area I’m most interested in pursuing after undergrad!

Eric Wilson | Adams House, Class of 2021
I am currently writing a senior thesis in Prof. Dan Gilbert's Lab! Some of my favorite psych courses have been: PSY 1 (Intro Psych) with Prof. Dan Gilbert, PSY 14 (Cognitive Neuroscience) with Profs. Dan Schacter and Liz Phelps, PSY 15 (Social Psychology) with Prof. Fiery Cushman, and PSY 980AH (Psychology of Cults) with Dr. Bethany Burum.

Alex Youn | Kirkland House, Class of 2021
I’m currently a research assistant working in the wonderful Banaji Lab, where I study the prevalence and malleability of implicit stereotypes using narrative-based interventions.