Post-Graduate Research Jobs

Job postings will be updated as they come in. Please check back regularly.

If you'd like to view other job boards and read some advice on how to apply for post-graduate research positions in psychology, see this helpful resource.

You should also check out PREDOC, or Pathways to Research and Doctoral Careers, a consortium site with job postings all over the country for recent graduates looking for pre-doctoral work!

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Date Posted Post Graduate Positions
Jul 26, 2021 Program Assistant at the Medical University of South Carolina's National Crime Victims Research & Treatment Center (NCVC)
Jul 19, 2021 Research Assistant at Penn State's Cognition, Affect and Temperament Laboratory
Jul 15, 2021 Lab Technician at Cornell University's Krosch Lab
Jul 13, 2021 Research Assistant/Lab Manager Position at Harvard Psychology's Cushman Lab (Position to start around July 31, 2021)
Jul 13, 2021 Research Assistant/Lab Manager Position at Brown University's Social & Affective Neuroscience Lab (Position to start in late August 2021)
Jul 12, 2021 Research Coordinator at the University of Pennsylvania's Communication Neuroscience Lab
Jul 7, 2021 Two Research Associate Positions at the University of Pittsburgh's Department of Psychiatry
Jul 7, 2021 Research Assistant for Clinical Trial on Treatment for Youth with Anorexia Nervosa at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Jul 1, 2021 Program Coordinator at the University of Notre Dame's Suicide Prevention Initiative
Jun 29, 2021 Full-Time Lab Coordinator in the Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at the University of Michigan
June 28, 2021 Clinical Research Specialist in at Boston Children's Labs of Cognitive Neuroscience (Position to start late summer 2021)
Jun 21, 2021 Full-time Project Coordinator at San Diego State University's Social-Health and Affective Neuroscience Lab
Jun 15, 2021 Research Coordinator Position in the AMP Lab at Boston University
Jun 11, 2021 Research Assistant Position at the Decision Neuroscience Lab at Penn State
Jun 10, 2021 Two Social/Clinical Research Assistant Positions at UNC Chapel Hill's Hallquist Laboratory
Jun 4, 2021 Assessment Specialist Position at ADAPT at Northwestern University
May 28, 2021 Research Specialist at the Decision Neuroscience and Psychopathology Lab at the University of Pittsburgh
May 26, 2021 Clinical Research Coordinator II in the Neuroendocrine Unit at Harvard Medical School/MGH
May 25, 2021 Full-Time Lab Manager/Research Specialist with Dr. Qiong Zhang at Rutgers University
May 25, 2021 Project Coordinator at the Culture, Brain, and Development Lab at Northwestern University
May 24, 2021 Project Administrator at the Mood and Behavior Laboratory at Fordham University
May 18, 2021 Two Full-Time Research Associate Positions with the University of Pittsburgh's Pittsburgh Girls Study (PGS)
May 17, 2021 Clinical Research Coordinator focused on Psychophysiology & Neuroimaging at Harvard Medical School/MGH
May 13, 2021 Part-Time Writer/Editor at Harvard Psychology's "Outsmarting Human Minds" Project
May 12, 2021 Two Positions (Lab Coordinator and Project Coordinator) at UVA's Developmental Neuroanalytics Lab
May 11, 2021 Research Technician at Northeastern University with PIs Ajay Satpute and Lisa Feldman Barrett (Position to start around August 15, 2021)
May 4, 2021 Research Technician Associate at University of Michigan's Medical School (Ann Arbor)
May 4, 2021 Full-Time Research Coordinator at Stanford's Neurodevelopment, Affect, and Psychopathology Laboratory
May 4, 2021 Research Coordinator at MGH's Community Psichiatry PRIDE (Program for Research in Implementation and Dissemination of Evidence-Based Treatments)
May 3, 2021 Full-Time Lab Manager at the University of Southern California's Social Learning & Choice Lab
May 3, 2021 Research Assistant at University of Pittsburgh's Psychoneuroimmunology Research Laboratory
May 3, 2021 Milieu Counselor at Boston Children's Waltham Inpatient Psychiatric Unit
May 3, 2021 Research Assistant at Yale’s Clinical and Affective Neuroscience Lab
Apr 29, 2021 Research Data Associate with the Schizophrenia Research Team at NYU Langone Health (e-mail with questions)
Apr 29, 2021 Full-Time Lab Manager Position at the University of Pittsburgh's Personality Processes and Outcomes Laboratory (PPOL)
Apr 27, 2021 Senior Research Assistant at the brainLENS Lab at the University of Connecticut