Numbering System for Psychology Courses

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of many of our courses, this numbering system is not always applicable to every Psychology course. Use this page as a rough guide to assess the different course areas, but for more detailed course information, please consult the syllabus, or contact your Concentration Advisor or the Undergraduate Office!

Number of Digits

  • TWO, e.g. PSY 15: Foundational Courses
  • THREE, e.g. PSY 971: Tutorial Courses
  • FOUR, e.g. PSY 1501: Undergraduate/graduate lecture and seminar courses

Four-Digit Course Numbers

  • The first digit, 1, indicates an undergraduate course (2000-level courses are primarily for graduate students but may allow advance undergraduates, and 3000-level courses are limited to graduate students).
  • The second digit indicates area in psychology (for 1000-level only). This breakdown is as follows...

0 = General Psychology

5 = Social/Applied Psychology

1 = Learning/Behavior

6 = Developmental Psychology

2 = Behavioral Neuroscience

7 = Personality/Motivation

3 = Cognition/Memory

8 = Experimental Psychopathology

4 = Sensation/Perception

9 = Methods/Statistics